Friday, June 23, 2006

yeah well

well guys

that whole "one post a week" thing?

didn't work

but oh well

it's still great

i'm so sad that we're almost done

but what can you do?

i'm pretty much

just gonna make the best of everything

and have a blast.

yeah so

i haven't had an emotional breakdown yet

but lynley had a pretty hardcore one

last night

so yeah

i've made

a trillion new friends

on myspace

and in person


i'm just sitting in the comp lab

and chillin

and i want to go back to the dorms

and party like it's


cause it is

so yeah

[lv lwys kt]

Sunday, June 11, 2006

first week


well, it's been a week since i got here.

it's pretty great

i'm having a wonderful time.

everyone here is so nice

but there's tons of homework

and i've made some friends

but for some very strange reason

i'm getting a little bit


and i don't know why

because once again

it's pretty great

and 'you' know how i get

i love my roommate

and pretty much my whole group.

the only problem is

do they like me?

obviously, if you ask someone

"Do you like me?"

they'll answer

"Of course!

and that's the end of it

and i've been so much fun lately

that i dont want to be a totally downer now

i mean

i have no reason to be



i wish that all of my friends

were as nice as others

and you know what?

chances are, no one that i know will ever read this

(breakin my heart--not)

but i miss john

i miss him so much

i miss talking to him

and i miss him actually wanting to talk to me

when i come home for break

he won't even be at home

and i miss him more than anything else

except for my own bathroom

so to anyone that stumbles across this

i miss john.

[lv lwys lv dvs]